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Bonorum is the P2P lending platform for cryptoassets backed loans!

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Easy Loan Terms

Our goal is to deliver instant crypto-backed loans thus making your crypto assets more efficient. Our lending borrowing platform brings to the community an opportunity to hold complete ownership of their crypto yet having immediate access to cash funds when needed. Our loans are transparent and come with no hidden fees, no taxes, no dependency on credit checks and scores.

Non Crypto Earnings

Do not have coins and you are a non crypto person? Bonorum gives you the opportunity to earn on your FIAT deposits too. You can start with a deposit of $1000 to start earning 10% annually and also open an instant credit line like your crypto counter parts.

Crypto Bank

Bonorum is a bank for your crypto assets. As an user you can choose to deposit and earn interest on your assets to generate passive income and also borrow funds instantly when needed for a minimal interest. All deposit and lending are on established or stable coins and also in adherence to strict KYC & AML procedures.  All accumulated or loaned funds can be easily withdrawn using bank transfer like SWIFT or SEPA into your bank account.

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Easy and Secure Repayments

Every loan is backed with crypto as the collateral thus it ensures on time repayment of the installments towards loans and without risk. Our platform is designed to notify borrowers of their due dates and also the lenders are notified when an installment is received. All data and transactions are secured with SSL protocol and other security measures right from registration to transaction level.

Dedicated Customer Support

Our 24/7 chat and email support is there to assist you with any issue or query regarding the platform or transactions. Additionally the top members in the platform enjoy benefits like dedicated customer support, premium invites to top BONORUM events, meet ups with the team and exclusive events only for the top BONO HODL community.

Safety First with Advanced Technology

We assure all your information is safe and protected with us. State of the art high level security checks and data protection processes with SSL protocol control and access all processes. All your personal and transaction data are encrypted wit high level security procedures.

Lending & Investment Partnership

As a Bonorum partner enjoy the advantages of the growing pool of digital assets with loan terms tailored for a wide range of borrowing needs. Be an institutional partner to enjoy upto 75% of profit revenue in form of weekly interests. Enjoy lower rate of interest as an institutional borrower. If you are a crypto wallet or exchange you can partner with us to avail our API services and provide your customers an additional option to earn interest on their crypto deposits.

Reach Bonorum Avaliable Wallets

Windows Wallet


Download the version for your PC/Laptop to run your masternodes

MacOSX Wallet


Download the version for your Mac to run your masternodes

Linux Wallet


Download the version for your PC/Laptop to run your masternodes using Linux

Android Wallet


To be announced in the coming months. In Progress

Bonorum team

Milton N. Borland


Chief Administrative Officer

Brittany D. Stephenson


Chief Financial Officer

James L. Hull


Chief Executive Officer

Keira Wallace


Chief Development Officer

Lucas Vaughan


Chief Design Officer

Harley French


Chief Human Resources Officer

Melissa D. Pentecost


Chief Content Officer

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Features Of Bonorum

Reserve & Insurance for fund protection

Your funds are secured in value with a reserve fund pool entrusted by the company as a part of operating capital which can be liquidated in case of extreme emergencies. Also the funds are safeguarded with insurance against frauds, scams or any unforeseen threats, thus guaranteeing your timely payouts.

Security checks and audits

All our processes and company are regularly audited by internal teams and external audit bodies as a part of mandatory operating requirement.

All our company accounts are subject to additional audit and checks by external agencies and internal stakeholders. Strong Anti-money laundering (AML) & Know Your Customer (KYC) policies and procedures along with Risk-based approach (RBA) in fund assessment & management are implemented and followed in all steps of the process to check and curb money laundering and/or any terrorist financing risk to the company.

Customer Due Diligence

Our customer due diligence (CDD) and KYC registration, identification and verification procedures provide you multiple security layers as they are enhanced with screening against UN, EU, OFAC sanction lists along with standard procedures. Our AML/CDD/KYC processes not only create reliability in the financial and crypto banking sector but also create faith and security guarding our and your business reputation.

Bonorum User 1 - Crypto Miners

Mining in today's date is no longer limited to a single PC owner but require vast amount of computing power, state-of-the-art infrastructure and huge electricity capacities.

In order to increase or expand their operations miners are in constant need for funds for scalability. Bonorum enables miners a flexible instant crypto loan thus helping them to fund their capital investments and operating expenses without having to sell their assets.

Bonorum User 2 -Crypto Investors

People need liquid cash in hand for security or meeting unexpected expenses.

Investors get a chance to earn or liquidate their assets without having to sell the same by keeping their assets in the BONORUM platform.

Bonorum User 3 -Hedge Fund Companies

Hedge funds can gain leverage of their assets by rolling their investments on BONORUM , thus by gaining not only a regular interest but also having the option of liquidating some assets when needed for further investments without selling the core asset.

Bonorum User 4 -Crypto Exchanges

With the rising number of cryptocurrency exchanges the competition between exchanges has increased substantially and most struggle to retain and attract customers. Bonorum instant loan is a boon to such exchanges to avail liquidity when needed without selling their earned assets.

Bonorum User 5 -Crypto Companies

After inception and presale of any new altcoin new companies have to usually sell a part or all of their collections for fiat currencies for funding their operations or increase their capital investments.

Bonorum enables them to get a loan instead against their collected assets to meet their expenses thus they can retain collected funds and yet get the required funds to invest further.

Owning Bonorum Masternode

Bonorum Coin comes with several advantages designed keeping your best interest in mind. Be first in line for loan preferences especially when availability of Dollar loan is limited. The more BONO your wallet has and the higher your HODL ratio the higher your chances are to procure a loan from BONORUM against your deposits.

Users who pay interest using BONO Coin on their loans receive up to 25% discount on all interest payments. If you are a BONO owner and choose to earn your dividend in BOBO coin you will receive up to 25% more interest on all your deposits. The top members with the largest holdings of BONO will be entitled to additional benefits like dedicated customer support, premium invites to top BONORUM events, meet ups with the team and exclusive events only for the top BONO HODL community.

The Bonorum Cold Staking

Enjoy Ultimate safety and security with Bonorum Cold Staking, an unique feature that allows you to store your coins in a "cold or locked" wallet while your open or "hot" wallet keeps staking rewards, allowing you to store your principal coins locked away or safe in an encrypted wallet or even a hardware device like a Trezor or Ledger and yet continue gaining staking rewards in the unlocked or semi-unlocked wallet for regular use or further storage.

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The Steps of Bonorum - Loan Platform

First Steps – Getting Stated


Create your user account using your email address and secure the account with email verification


Login using your username and password and also get 2FA authentication for more security.


Deposit digital funds in established coins or Stable coins to open your instant line of credit and apply for loan.

Earn Money

Deposit your digital assets or currency using our payment partner BitGo and start earning an interest on your holding at 15% per annum.

Additional Features – Support & Services


Choose your preferred currency of investment and loan. Also our platform API enables you to choose and customize your repayment options.

Customer Support

Our 24/7 chat and email support is available to help you with any queries you have whether technical or non technical.

Global Currencies

Our platform supports more than 20+ Established & Stable coins and also enables the top fiat withdrawals through our payment partner BitGo.

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The Roadmap Of Bonorum Coin

Starting Phase
  • Project conceptualization
  • Team Hiring
  • Blockchain creation
  • Mainnet launch
  • Platform launch
  • Beta Testing of Bonorum platform
  • Website launch
  • Whitepaper release
  • Bitcointalk Ann release
  • Progress Time
Establishing Platform
  • Masternode Wallet release
  • Public MN Presale
  • 1st Exchange listing
  • Masternodes.online listing
  • Social platforms release
  • Debugging of platform
  • Phase I of marketing campaign
  • Airdrop campaigns
  • Progress Time
Growth of Platform
  • 2nd Exchange listing
  • Coinmarketcap listing
  • Global marketing of services
  • New coins added to platform
  • Social media marketing
  • Advertisement phase I
  • Referral & Affiliate Programs
  • Progress Time